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I consider myself a wilderness hunter and I go to extremes to immerse myself into true roadless wilderness, regardless of what continent I am hunting on. It is how I hunt in the Canadian Rockies and it is how I wanted to hunt cape buffalo. Long before I ever dreamed of hunting Africa I heard of a very specialized cape buffalo safari in the thick jungle mountainsides of northern Tanzania. On foot, pack on your back, porters and trackers, tented camps, close range with an iron sighted big bore rifle and tremendous mountain bulls. Challenging in every respect.

That mystique was embedded into my hunting psyche and that dream simmered for over 20 years. Enter Rainer Josch. Even before I watched his documentary quality Mountain Buffalo productions I knew this was how I wanted to hunt cape buffalo. What I noticed first about Rainer was his connection to Mount Loosimingor. His intimacy, knowledge, appreciation and the respect for the prey, for the habitat and for how the hunt is conducted, was exposed while we hunted. Truly honourable in every action. Rainer maximizes the twin virtues of hunting, those of effort and ethics which defines the clear distinction between true hunting and contemporary hunter behaviour. My good friend Chris Stagg shared this hunt with Rainer and I and enriched the hunt with his keen enthusiasm and safari acumen (mbogo kubwa sana!..).

Those of us who crave the solitude and challenge of wilderness hunting appreciate the efforts Rainer has taken to preserve this type of hunting heritage and mountain adventure in Africa.

Bill Hanlon, Sparwood, BC Canada

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