7 DAY HUNT / Till Wasner


To hunt buffalo in a traditional and “honest” way, on foot of course and ideally with iron sights and close up, has always been a big dream of mine. It is about the overall experience which includes both, the stalk and the success.

Why do I hunt? I want an intense natural experience. One which pushes my boundaries. To follow my instincts, track game and “obtain” it.

Your offer to hunt buffalo on foot, fascinated me right from the beginning. That way I was able to immerse myself into nature, get close to wild animals and have to work for it with every step – all within my physical and mental abilities.

That’s why this adventure did not begin with my arrival in Tanzania, but much earlier, about 9 months before when I began to prepare myself mentally by literature and videos and physically through an endurance training regime. During this important period of preparation already boundaries have been moved. This alone was an exceptional experience! Our time at Mt. Loosimingor could have not been more intense than it was. It still is the most intense hunting experience of my life.

We stalked day after day through stunning nature and got into close contact with wildlife. Also within myself another transformation occurred. I pushed my own boundaries. More and more I enjoyed my own performance. Also our personal interactions, the talks, the many experiences we shared became an essential part of this safari.

The way we finally got our old dagga boy on the rocky outcrop in the morning mist was spectacular! Dressing the buffalo and transporting the meat and skull; the star filled sky on our way back to camp; reflections at the fireplace – none of it I will ever forget !!

What I took with me – in addition to these unforgettable memories of wildlife and nature, as well as our companionship and a stunning trophy – is the experience how my body and my mind dealt with the unusual intense challenges. This experience has made me evolve mentally and physically.

For that I thank you, Rainer !!!

Till Wasner

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