Hunting as a conservation tool

The basis of conservation is to maintain an intact and natural habitat. In the absence of a habitat unmodified by humans, protection of fauna and flora is impossible in the long term. Hunting can contribute positively as it does not violate the fundamental conservation principles. Many other forms of land use change and destroy, natural habitats.

However, conserving the natural habitat alone is not enough. Hunting tourism can contribute to conservation by ensuring the following conditions are applied:

  1. Setting sustainable hunting quotas – (regulated extraction)
  2. Mimicking natural selection – (hunting only old and single males)
  3. Communities must receive the majority of revenues from hunting tourism and these funds must be wisely invested for the benefit of community.
  4. Communities must receive “practical” benefits from hunting operators through employment and training, support of projects in schools and bush clinics, receive meat from animals hunted and more.

Points 3 and 4 are probably the two most important elements.

Another important aspect of nature conservation is becoming a decisive factor: This is to increase the empowerment of local communities in all aspects of land use. As long as communities do not receive significant benefits from tourism or tourist hunting, they may choose to practice other forms of land use such as agriculture, raising livestock, poaching, tree felling and the like, without any consideration for conservation.

Ultimately, hunting operators and guides will only succeed and conduct their work with a clear conscience, when the four criteria are met. As a conscientious and humane hunter, you benefit from the joy and passion this unique adventure provides when you hunt with us.

Working closely with Robin Hurt Safaris, we move closer to achieving our goal. As a hunter, you can participate in supporting these ideals like many of our past guests have already done, many of whom provide continued support.

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