• Hunting free-roaming and endemic species anywhere in the world is a “Privilege” rather than a “Right”. With that privilege, comes the desire to protect.
  • Hunting operators and hunting guides must mimic natural selection in order to keep a healthy and thriving wildlife population in the area.
  • ‘Hunting’ is an integral part of nature conservation in todays Africa as long as criteria above are followed.
  • The most rewarding hunting experience is always the synergy of an all-encompassing challenge and the actual hunting success.

Our beliefs determine our actions


  • We actively support the protection of the mountain forest environment as the foundation for a thriving wildlife population.
  • For 30 years we have been operating hunting safaris in a mountain forest in Northern Tanzania – 20 years exclusively on Mount Loosimingor.
  • We make use of all the game meat we hunt, either using it ourselves or providing it to the local community (usually to the Primary Schools)
  • Our mountain hunt is the only pure ‘on-foot buffalo safari’ in Africa.
  • Our hunt focuses on taking mature, old and single bulls or bulls from bachelor groups, leaving the herds untouched.

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