Questions and Answers

1. How do we hunt?

All mountain hunts are pure on-foot safaris. The day you arrive in camp is usually the last time you use a car until your departure day. We leave camp ealry in the morning and usually you stay the whole day out. We move slowly and quietly in order to find buffalo. Usually we encounter buffalo several times per day and move about 6 – 8 miles over a period of 10 hrs.

2. Who guides my safari?

All safaris are personally guided by myself – Rainer Jösch and my outstanding tracker Lorinyo Lorkine and others. Of course, when booking a 3:2 or 4:2 safari, where a 2nd Professional Guide is needed, I usually use one of the three guides: Jason Bergmann, John Ngalesoni or Tom Dames. All three are very experienced and will be assisted by one of my personal trackers.

3. Is there a difference between a Mountain and a Cape Buffalo?

There is no difference. The buffalo on the mountain are Cape Buffalo. Since the area borders Lake Manyara National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservations area, buffalo roam freely between these areas.

4. I want to hunt buffalo, but is this mountain hunt the right thing for me?

Absolutely – if what you seek is an intense hunting experience, being immersed in nature and your main “trophy target” is shooting an old buffalo bull (rather than focussing on trophy size).

I always say to potential hunters. “I don’t want to convince you to come and hunt with us on the mountain. It is something you need to want. And if this is what you want, you will have the greatest time ever! But if you do not want such challenge and do not want to be that close to nature, then surely this is not for you”.

5. How fit do I need to be to hunt the mountain?

The fitter you are, the more flexible we are in our daily excursions, as we can reach the most remote parts of the hunting area. With a Canadian hunter we marched 16 miles on the date he shot his buffalo – a day we both will never forget. Nevertheless, it is not a question of fitness, but a matter of your personal experience. Last season, a 82-year-old hunter shot a strong and old bull on day 5 of his hunt. Also this experience with all its preparations will remain edged in our memories.

Most of our hunters are in their 50s and 60s. Everyone goes to his very own, personal limits and that is what makes this experience so special.

6. How comfortable is such a mountain hunt?

Since I started my partnership with Robin Hurt Safaris, the camp has become far more comfortable. Spacious living tents with en-suite bathrooms are awaiting you in our main Loosimingor mountain camp. Should we go fly camping, you can still enjoy a shower every evening. Nothing is missing in terms of comfort for a true mountain safari.

7. How many days do I need to come for?

Usually a buffalo hunt is between 7 and 14 full hunting days. I recommend:

7 full days hunting
– when you you book 1:1 and want to shoot one buffalo only.

10 full days hunting
– when you hunt 1:1 but want to give yourself more time and/or want to possibly shoot 2 buffalo.
– when you hunt 2:1 and want to shoot one buffalo each.
– when you are hunting in a group (2-4 hunters).

14 full days hunt
– when you combine the buffalo hunt with hunting for other species (Leopard or hunting some of the Maasai species in the plains).

8. How long before the hunt do I need to book?

The earlier the better. I only hunt during the prime time. We are more restricted by the limited quota than by the hunting season.

Therefore, when I do have an opening, you can be assured that it is a good time. I suggest booking at least 6 months before a safari to properly prepare you for this adventure.

The period before your hunt is an ever increasing anticipation for your upcoming adventure. Why cut it short?!

9. How do I go about booking a hunt?

Send me an email and I will send you a full price list. Take advantage of discussing your safari in detail at one of the hunting shows I attend every year.

To make you a detailed offer, I need to know:

– the time periods during which you can come
– the duration you would like to come
– the species you would like to hunt
– the number of hunters in your group

Based on this information, I will work out the best itinerary for you.

You will find details of which shows I will attend and my whereabouts under “News”.

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