November 2018

7 Days hunt 1:1- Lippert Safari


Over the past 30 years, I have been able to look back on many hunts, on all continents, on other dangerous game as well as on other buffalo hunts.

But this hunt, in this fantastic nature, which demands the hunters full attention and pushes him to his very limits, will never disappear from my memory.

On the first day, I experienced the most exciting moment of my life. At noon on a narrow path, we were charged at 20 meters by a single buffalo bull. After my first non-lethal shot, the buffalo approached us up three yards before being fatally hit by Rainer’s 500 NE. I did not book a thrills of this magnitude!

We hunted for additional six days for a second bull with Rainer’s outstanding team. We gave everything, had a lot of bulls – even big ones before us. But his self-imposed rules for a sustainable hunt, does not allow the hunting of too young herd buffalo. I met a great hunting guide and a great person!

Peter Lippert

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